This is Terran News, just launched today. And very first news!!!!

Terran Society was on edge of collaspe faction till former FRH member RevGamer take over the office as acting commander of Terran Society at the first but now he voted to be permant leader as Commander Revgamer. He run the Terran Society better than previous leader of Terran Society. There was bad shortage hydrogen Fuel, Components and materials. Commander Revgamer work hard to restore Terran Society and ordered his workforce to gathering materials and order on full power on production to make more components. Also, he built a bigger mining rig to solve shortage problems. *The Mining Rig* [TMR]

Acting Commander Revgamer saluted on rebuilted Terran Society

Acting Commander Revgamer organised his terran workforce to rebuilt Terran Society into better organised faction and build better relationship with MEC. Also, Commander Revgamer ordered his builders to developing plan to build first capital city called Orchester and it will built nearby the Orchester Lake where Orchester Factories (Production and Shipyard) and MEC Orchester Lake Outpost.

Also Terran Society now have own Air force for defence as Terran Society Air Force [TSAF] and Terran Society Salvage Division as [TSS] to salavge ruined emenies outpost or capture enemies vessel or recover friendly and our vessel

Last one. TS launched their first planetary destroyer as [TS] Vaporesso Destroyer and first planetary fighter as Terran Hornet fighter to protect Orchester airspace and MEC asset on Orchester Lake with our new Portable Defence installations [PDI]

This it all. More News upcoming

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