Mars: Public Transport Concept Completed

Profectio Nova – It has taken a long time to complete the railway connecting the MEC Industrial Complex, the Profectio Nova Air and Space Port and the Profectio Nova Main Station. In August 2022 the MEC Interim Government created the first plans for a public transportation system to boost the development of civilian projects and martian economy. Three stations had been planned to be built, and three stations have been completed, two of them also featuring pressurized waiting areas.

The Mars Express at Profectio Nova Main Station. It will be waiting for its next departure here. This train station also offers options for train maintenance due to its design.

On 20230127 the railway had been finally completed and the Mars Express has now taken up service, running back and forth between the stations, providing a smooth ride to all passengers.
But, as a part of the concept of public transportation, the Profectio Nova Air and Space Port has now finally officially opened up as well, meaning that now official traffic from space will be able to travel very close to the Martian Capitol. The Air and Space Port features 8 large landing areas and a terminal building, which also includes a fuel station and a shuttle to get to the ships. Interplanetary travellers will have the option to get to the city center in less than 10 minutes after landing, thanks to another shuttle system towards the Mars Express station.

Profectio Nova Air and Space Port Train Station. This is the only stop between the MEC Industrial Complex and Profectio Nova Main Station.

MEC officials are hoping that the opening of the new airport will facilitate trade and overall political interactions. With the completion of this public transport project the Martian Endeavor Coalition has managed to take a large step forward towards a greater future.

The Profectio Nova Air and Space Port is located in a crater, which shall keep ships safer from lightning strikes and gives them a few hundred meters more of atmosphere as a safety measure for ships slowing down from reentry.


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