Get started

There are four pre-defined player factions you can choose from:

Beyond Orbital Observation (BOO)

The main focus of this faction is research and exploration

Galactic United Navy (GUN)

The main focus of this faction is defence and military endeavours

Open Exchange Network (OEN)

The main focus of this faction is trade

Free Aligned Spirits (FAS)

This faction is a collection of misfits, that don’t align with the establishment

Creating your own faction (with other players) is possible, but your faction needs to add something to the current RP. Single player factions are not allowed, in that case you’ll need to join one of the existing factions, or find more members for your own faction.

Joining the server

After logging on you can see the spawn point ‘Dimidium Starter Base’, this base should get you started. There are basic production blocks available. You can use drone-miners to mine necessary resources on asteroids nearby.

It is not possible to spawn in a respawn-pod. Furthermore, there are no admin-placed spawn points at planets, and the location of planets is not common knowledge. This is done in order to give you the posibility to discover planets yourself, and in cooperation with other players.

Once you’ve joined a faction you get access to spawn points of the faction that are open to the entire faction. There are block limits in place in order to increase roleplay, you can find the specific block limits on the block limits page (in server details).