Server Rules

Section A – general rules for the in-game server, the discord server and any related comms channels

1. The very first and the very basic rule for everything is the following:


This includes many examples, we will name a few here, but please be very aware that if something is not listed it does not automatically mean it is or is not ok to do. We will not accept people trying to find loopholes that way. Use your common sense for every action you are undertaking.

a. Respect your members.

b. No hate speech or any kind of sexism, racism, homophobia.

c. No hacking or exploits like gravity drives where artificial mass and grav gens are on the same ship.

d. Keep gameplay fair – no offline raiding, no attacking anyone without being at war, no sudden war declarations just because someone just feels like destroying another player’s unarmed miner, if someone surrenders, stop firing, etc.

2. As stated above, the examples given for DON’T BE A DICK do not cover everything. Should the admins see that a member is continuing to cause problems that interfere with the overall climate or the constructive gameplay on the server, action may be taken at any time, including a permanent ban from both discord and the in-game server.

3. If you have a complaint about things that have happened to you, a report or a compensation request to make, please keep any drama away from the normal discord server, instead to contact admins use the form on the support page on the website, admins will get back to you to discuss the matter. Once the admins have reached a verdict, the discussion will be closed. We do not accept endless discussions because you disagree with the decision of the admins.

Section B – game- and setting- specific rules

1. As a player you will no longer have to join one of the pre-existing player factions.

However please keep in mind that this is not just single player mode with an in-game chat-feature. We want players to cooperate and visit each other as this is what online communities and Role Play rely on. We understand many players don’t want to be forced into factions and would rather be self-sustaining, but if you are only joining to do your own thing, we are sorry to disappoint you, then this server is not for you. Should you be the only one online, you can still interact with other factions by reaching out to them on discord.

2. For in-game- and in-character-communications please use the corresponding channel on Discord (rp-comms). But for instance for news or updates about your faction we would prefer for this to be posted on the website within the faction blog (high quality role play should not be kept for ourselves). If you do not want your player name to be mentioned on a website we fully understand, you can let us know at any time.

3. Even though PvP is not prohibited in general, keep combat focused on ship fights. Attacking bases is not allowed unless there is an agreement between the involved parties. Only leaders and founders can make an agreement if it involves the entire faction. Members can only make such an agreement if it just involves their own bases. There should be proof of this agreement and the conditions that have been agreed upon. Deal with potentially dangerous topics just like in real-life, consensual actions are the way to go.

If someone shows hostility by building bases nearby other factions that could justify attacking said base. However, sufficient roleplay must have taken place beforehand in order to justify such an attack.

Section C – server maintenance specific mentions

Even though there are no exact limits to what you can build on the server, please keep things reasonable. This is a rp server. We ask you to go rather compact and well designed instead of enormous turret meta bricks or performance-heavy clang-machines. We would like to remind you of Section A, especially Rule 2 regarding this matter.

Server cleaning is currently done manually. ALL UNOWNED GRIDS WILL BE REMOVED! Hence, every grid you build is required to include at least one block that contains computers in it and is owned by someone (a single control panel can do the trick already). DO NOT keep unowned grids attached to your mag plates or landing gears since this could cause your grids attached to the unowned grid to be removed. Common dangers in this regard are salvaged or damaged pieces of scrap, freshly placed landing pads or platforms etc.

Thank you for reading this, we hope this indeed ensures a great experience for everyone! Let’s have a good time all together and let’s not be dicks, and it will be amazing!