Season-based roleplay

Dimidium roleplay is season-based. During a season there won’t be any resets which enables you to build up factions and get involved in long-term intriguing RP with other members of the community.

Engaging world

The Dimidium star system is an engaging world which has plenty of interesting places to explore. There are no PCU limits which enables you to build up large structures and cities during a season. Furthermore, you can come across a lot of NPC’s thanks to the Modular Encounters System mod. Such modifications make the Dimidium star system lively and engaging.

enhanced RP framework

The Dimidium star system has three player factions which are based in different places in the game world. This increases interaction between players and enables you to interact more with other players of the community. Next to that the server is finetuned in a lot of ways in order to encourage trade and roleplay between factions and between members within certain factions.