Season-based roleplay

Dimidium roleplay is season-based. During a season there won’t be any resets which enables you to build up factions and get involved in long-term intriguing RP with other members of the community.

Engaging world

The Dimidium star system is an engaging world which has plenty of interesting places to explore. There are no PCU limits which enables you to build up larger structures and cities during a season. The star system is custom designed with modded planets, which need to be discovered by the players, which makes it more compelling to work together.

enhanced RP framework

The Dimidium star system is equipped with numerous quests for players to engage in, encouraging players to cooperate or compete.

NPC factions are admin-controlled and have their own characteristics, this means that they react to your actions in a way that fits their overall specifications. You need to discover NPC factions yourself and find out how to interact with them. This leads to more interesting storylines that can really be altered by your actions.