Mars – The Capitol City of Profectio Nova has new happenings to be worried about.
On 20230203 Profectio Nova Air and Space Port had been closed due to a -quote- “security threat situation”. There weren’t more details given in the official comms message.
However, according to a source of MEC News, the Air and Space Port had been closed due to a call MEC Police had received a few minutes before, when a lady told the dispatcher that she believed to have heard gunshots in the vicinity of the Air and Space Port.
Only moments later, also the Mars Express Railways Inc. had to shut down the public transportation service between Profectio Nova Main Station and the MEC Industrial Complex.
This shutdown had lasted for 3 entire days in which there was no possibility for citizens to use public transport, neither to move any private ships towards or away from the Air and Space Port. The long duration of this was caused by investigations at the site being prolonged. Fortunately, no traces of a fight or a direct threat could be found at the Air and Space Port, which resulted in the immediate re-opening of both PRN ASP and the Mars Express Railway.

About 2km away from the Air and Space Port Train Station, close to a crater, the dead body had been found next to the damaged car. The victim could not be identified so far, investigations are ongoing.

However, today a citizen who was travelling towards the Air and Space Port randomly found a damaged car about 2km out from PRN ASP Train Station, and it is reported that also a dead body had been found.
Recent investigations have shown that the car had definitely been damaged by projectiles of a caliber matching a rifle. Police responded to the scene immediately and are currently still investigating the case, at this moment they haven’t released any further information than given above. It is considered very likely that the crime scene is a result of the reported shooting from 20230203. According to MEC Police the chief who had been responsible for investigating the case has now been suspended from the job due to a severe lack of care during the investigation. We will follow this case with great interest and report more as soon as new details will be known. Until then, all citizens of Mars are advised to be cautious, however police officials state that the overall security of the population is not at an immediate risk.

MEC News



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