FRH captains decided on increased military involvement against ORKS and IMBER

Three FRH captains got together at a secret location in order to discuss recent events and measures that should be taken. The captains have concluded that recent events have been so severe that it is a serious threat to the faction. Therefore, it is necessary to form a collective front against the ORKS and IMBER.

Through our collective effort, we are certain that the ORKS and IMBER will be dealt with once the time comes.

The meeting

ORKS attack the secret location

Once the meeting ended, we got attacked by an ORKS Lite Krooza. The fact that the base was attacked heavily showed us that the ORKS know no mercy and that even this location was unsafe. Luckily, two captains escaped safely, the other captain boarded an FRH Tachi and fought against the Lite Krooza. The ORKS ship crashed against the asteroid and was disarmed by the Tachi accordingly. The wreck was within Build and Repair distance of the base, so this offers us the possibility to repair the base, and also good opportunities to start up our military efforts against the ORKS and IMBER.

The Lite Krooza and the base that was damaged severely


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