It has been overdue since the Martian Endeavor Coalition and the Terran Society have had very good diplomatic relations within the last months, but never actually had an official governmental contract set up about it. Now finally, the diplomatic relations between these factions are official.

On 20230226 both factions agreed upon a mutual defense and mutual assistance treaty, thus forming the Earth-Mars-Axis-Defense (E.M.A.D.) during a diplomatic visit of MEC Minister for Diplomatic Relations and Trade Dr Langsame Schildkrot at the freshly constructed Terran Space Station in Orbit of Terra. From now on, should one of the members of this alliance get attacked, that also constitutes an act of war against the other member of this alliance.

The official document has been released shortly after both parties had signed.

“We have had rather good relations with our Terran friends ever since they have risen from chaos thanks to their new commander in charge. But this contract is not just a symbolic act, I am convinced it will keep improving our relations with Terra and will also contribute a lot to this system’s safety. This is a clear message to anyone in the system that they would do better if they wouldn’t harm us, since otherwise they will have to deal with the two of us at the same time. And I feel very safe to proclaim that both our societies are protected by a strong military.” – These were clear words given from Dr Schildkrot on a press conference today.

It is suspected that the timing of the founding of this alliance is anything but random, since both Mars and Terra have recently experienced a series of crashes and accidents, which may be a result from a substance that had appeared in the system lately. This substance had been found on several victims of these crashes, and is suspected to cause psychotic symptoms like extreme euphoria, increased self-esteem, increased willingness to take risks or paranoia, if consumed. Recent investigations have shown that this substance might be distributed by a yet unknown fully organized group or faction, however the purpose remains unclear. It is possible that it is done solely out of criminal economic interests, but it is also possible that this substance is being spread especially within these two governments to destabilize the civilizations.

This accident which happened in Profectio Nova was most likely linked to the consumption of a drug-like unknown substance found in both passenger’s personal inventory, according to a declassified police report.

When asked about these recent happenings, Minister Schildkrot stated that these happenings have been of relevance to the founding of this alliance, but once again expressed that the purpose is mainly to further improve the relations with Terra, especially regarding inter-planetary trade and the security of these trade routes.

A question left to a lot of citizens was why the newly formed alliance did not include the third of the three settling factions, Fracturorum Humeri (FRH). Minister Schildkrot answered the question in a diplomatic way.
“The difficulty about FRH is that, unlike MEC or T.S, they are not exactly a government which could be simply included into a contract. We do have good or I’d maybe even say very good diplomatic relations with several sub-groups of this faction as well. Let me remind you that two FRH captains were participating in the recent investigations regarding the possible drug problem and have been very cooperative regarding their findings, or of the cooperative strikes against Orks that have involved all factions in the past. But you can’t force a large number of various fruit into one jar. Some fruit you definitely know are going to be tasty, but if you combine them with a berry you are not sure about whether it has gone bad, it might ruin the overall taste. What I am trying to say, I know, apologies, I am hungry, we cannot force one of their captains to speak and vouch for them all, it would make no sense. It is absolutely important that everyone understands that this does NOT mean we are excluding FRH from any assistance or anything, our good relations with some of their captains will remain unchanged by this.”

Even though the Minister for Diplomatic Relations and Trade said it in a diplomatic way, it lets you assume that the government might not be exactly sure about everyone within FRH. The suspicion that the faction may have something to do with the recent happenings is getting boosted by the fact that no accidents have happened close to FRH structures at all yet – or at least none that are publicly known about. However as a good news agency we must insist our readers not to speculate about it too soon, since there is no evidence of any sort to underline any FRH participation in possible drug trafficking or the active destabilization of both Terra and Mars.

The new alliance is symbolized by this magnificent logo.

Either way, the recently formed alliance will make it more difficult for whoever might be trying to mess with these two governments, and it is likely they will stand side by side for a long time, united under a newly created symbol/logo, the “Flying Shield”, as some citizens started calling it. The structure of this logo underlines the good cooperation between Mars and Terra, one half blue, one half orange around a strong shield, equally being carried by both civilizations. We wish good luck to this bond for the future, whatever might be slamming into the shield to test its strength.

Sarah McLorren – MEC News Reporter


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