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Block limits list


There are limits on production blocks. These limits are enforced per player and per grid. The limits are listed below:

Basic production

  • Basic assembler – Max 6 per grid
  • Basic refinery – Max 6 per grid
  • H2/O2 generator – Max 6 per grid

All blocks are allowed on both ships and stations.

There is no maximum per player for basic production, next to that the limits are not grouped (so you can place 6 basic assemblers, 6 basic assemblers, and 6 H2/O2 generators on one grid).

Premium production

For this group there is a limit of 6 blocks per grid and per player, you can combine the blocks the way you want, but as a group you can place 6 blocks at most.

  • Assembler
  • Industrial Assembler
  • Refinery
  • Industrial Refinery
  • Premium H2/O2 (modded block)

The premium production group is limited to stations. So you can’t build any of these blocks on ships, and converting a station to a ship will remove the block.

These block limits are put in place in order to increase roleplay and player interaction. Limiting production in this way makes it more beneficial to specialize in certain types of production (for instance refinement or hydrogen production) and trade with other players for everything you can’t produce at a large scale.

Build and Repair

Build and Repair limits are listed below:

  • Large grid Build and Repair – Stations only, unlimited blocks
  • Small grid Build and Repair – Max 5 blocks per grid, unlimited blocks in total

Build and Repair is limited in order to avoid the use of BaR as a weapon on ships.

Robo Factory

The Robo Factory is limited to stations only.