Luna City is selling Real Estate and businesses! Luna City is a great city that was discovered when the three factions arrived in Dimidium, and it got expanded by FRH afterward. It offers great housing and plenty of possibilities for leisure and commerce. In the city, you are safe from any hostilities such as Orks and Imber because of the huge Safe Zone which protects the area from outside threats. The city will expand further in the future, so this would be a great time to join Luna City!

What does Luna City have to offer?

The city is centered around a large building that mainly has shops and businesses. You can either relax at the Luna City Space Bar, withdraw money from the bank, or eat at the restaurant and sleep at the hotel. On the main street, there are two stores for sale, which offer great business opportunities. Furthermore, the teleport is located in the main building and you can have meetings.

The main street

Luna City Space Port

The Space Port is nearby the city. You can park your ship safely inside the Safe Zone. The Space Port signals its location and Space Traffic Control will make sure you can land without any problems at Luna City.

The Luna City Air- and Space Port

Luna City additional buildings

Outside of the main building Luna City has several buildings with different uses. Luna City is the first location in Dimidium with the luxurious supermarket Albert Heijn, over here you can shop for all of your needs.

The Albert Heijn

Furthermore, Luna City has a Research Facility which is used for all kinds of experiments. The facility is underground in order to avoid any inconsistencies in test results because of outside factors.

Living in Luna City

You can also live in Luna City! The city offers two types of houses, with more types expected to be developed later on. You can either live like a king or live a more affordable lifestyle next to the city center.

Luna Luxury Houses

One of the Luna City Luxury Houses

Do you want to live the rich life? Buying a Luxury House in Luna City is the way to go! In this case, you’ll literally live on top of a gold mine! Nothing says like you’ve made it more than living on gold without doing anything with it. It isn’t all glamour without substance though, for that money you get a huge house with three spacious bedrooms (with their own bathroom), an office, a large kitchen and dining room, and a large living room with a second dining table. You also get a survival kit and workshop and garage. You also get two terraces in case you want to enjoy a nice day outside on Luna.

The Luxury Houses sell for 30M SC each.

Luna Budget Houses

One of the Luna Budget Houses

The Luna Budget Houses are much smaller than the Luxury Houses. You get two bedrooms with a shared bathroom, a kitchen and dining room, and a living room. Next to that, you get a workshop and an upstairs terrace. There is a parking space outside with a connector. You don’t get the survival kit, garage, and more spacious luxury bedrooms you get when buying a Luxury House. However, these houses are much cheaper as well, so in that regard, these houses are a very good deal!

The Budget Houses sell for 10M SC each.

Luna Businesses for sale

As mentioned before there are two stores for sale in the city center. These stores have storage and some production capabilities. You can also connect your ship directly to the store (without your ship being connected to any other part of the building), this way you can also deliver goods which you want to sell, or you can set the connector in a way that enables others to sell goods directly from their ship.

You can connect your ship to the dedicated connector of your store.

Deluxe Store

The Deluxe Store

The Deluxe Store has two basic assemblers, it also has more storage than the Regular Store and it offers you the possibility to offer contracts to your customers.

The Deluxe Store sells for 12M SC.

Regular Store

The Regular Store has one basic assembler, but less storage than the Deluxe Store. The Regular Store doesn’t offer you the possibility to offer contracts, but you get another Store block instead, so this could be a great way to sell products to your customers. It is also a little bit cheaper than the Deluxe Store.

The Regular Store sells for 10M SC.


Are you interested in buying a house or store? Contact FRH for information.


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