Storytelling framework

The Dimidium server has a great storytelling framework which gives you great possibilities in creating stories and engage in RP. You can read about this framework and the way you can engage in stories on this page.

You write the story yourself, no predefined stories

There are no predefined stories. We don’t write the beginning or end of storylines, giving you a lot of flexibility and freedom in the way a storyline evolves over time.

There are admin-controlled factions in the world, which have their own characteristics. Factions react to player actions in a way that is fitting for that specific faction. This means that you need to find out key characteristics like hostility, existing claims and the acknowlegdement of those claims, and overall strategy of the faction.

Hint: Factions can be hostile depending on the way you treat them, so it is important to have an idea on how they are and how they would react to certain actions. For instance, claiming territory that is owned by another faction as your own territory would be considered as a hostile action, and leads to a response from the NPC faction.

All NPC factions have their own presence

All NPC factions have a presence in Discord, and also have diplomatic relations with each other, so you can engage with those factions yourself, or those factions are engaged in RP with each other in Discord, also asking you for help.

The way this works makes it more engaging to participate in stories and gives you more possibilities in how to engage in storylines. You can choose to take an important role in the story, or support the story by doing small quests and communicate about it with others.

A lot of lore

There is a lot of lore in the world. There is infrastructure in place already, and there you can find all kinds of lore. With this lore we build up the backstory of the NPC factions, this backstory helps you understand the way those factions operate and what would be the most beneficial way the communicate with them.

Using AI there are a lot of stories to be found in several locations. You can find additional information in every building, these stories are small parts you can find all over the world, contributing to a bigger backstory.

Hint: You can find these places by looking for beacons, contracts, and information of datapads. Datapads can also give you additional information on locations and what to look for.