Get started

There are three factions to choose from:

Fracturorum Humeri

This faction is based in space

Martian Endeavor Coalition

This faction is based on Mars

Terran Society

This faction is based on Earth

You can read more about these factions on the Story page. Factions can also publish news, which will be availlable on the website. Furthermore, you can engage in roleplay on Discord in the RP-comms channel after you’ve chosen a faction.

Joining the server

After logging on you can see the spawn point ‘Dimidium Welcome Center’, all factions are represented in this Expo. Members of the faction can also promote certain locations or services that they provide at the Dimidium Welcome Center.

It is not possible to spawn in a respawn-pod. It is also not possible to start your own faction. You have to choose one of these factions in order to increase roleplay and interaction between players.

Once you’ve joined a faction you get access to the main base of the faction. Production will take place at the main base. You can only use basic refinery’s and assemblers at other locations.

Promote your faction at the Dimidium Welcome Center

You can promote your faction at the Dimidium Welcome Center. Every booth has two console blocks and several LCD’s which could be used to promote your faction.