Season 2 Changes

We will implement quite some changes in the second season. Some changes will be implemented because the evolving storyline requires it to change, some changes will be implemented because of new insights from the first season. Over here you can find the most important changes for the second season with our reasoning why we want to make the change.

We will start in a new solar system with modded planets

The second season will be a continuation of the first season in some form. In that regard it doesn’t make a lot of sense to stay in the same solar system with the same planets. All of the modded planets are carefully selected in order to not make it imbalanced, system performance is also an important factor in choosing the planets that will be added in the new solar system.

Everyone will start at the same place, factions are not bound to planets

Everyone will start at the same place, factions are not bound to planets anymore. We do this in order to increase player interaction. You can explore the system of course, but that will take some more effort.

We will stop with main bases

The main bases didn’t have their intented effect. Therefore, we won’t be implementing main bases in the new season anymore, which means that players are able to build large refinery’s and large assemblers. However, we will still implement block limits for production in another way (probably on player- and grid-level). In the way we want to implement the new block limits for production it should help increase player interaction and it should also give factions with more players a bit of an advantage compared to factions with low member counts (provided that you work with each other when you’re in the same faction). More details will be posted later on.

The factions will have predetermined roles, they will be open and have NPC leaders

The limited faction system is here to stay. However, we are going to make some changes in order to finetune it some more. The factions will have predetermined roles which dictate the kind of roleplay you want to do (e.g. a trading faction or a military faction), depending on the type of roleplay you want to do you can choose the faction accordingly. All factions will be open (no applicant system), they will have NPC leaders, everyone else is member. If you don’t want to give everyone in your faction access to (some of) your grids, you can choose to set spawn points to ‘no share’.

You can start your own faction, if conditions are met

You can start your own faction, if conditions are met. On default the faction system will be closed. However, we can open up a faction slot if you want to start your own faction. In order to apply for your own faction you’ll need to comply with some conditions, we haven’t decided on all the details yet, but you can think about something like a minimum amount of people that are joining the faction, and the fact that it has to add something else to the factions that are already there (so no identical factions to the predetermined factions regarding RP). If you have your own faction you can decide to keep it open or apply an applicant system, no NPC leader will be added in that case. When the conditions are clear in which you can apply for your own faction, that will be posted as well.

We will stop with the Modular Encounter Systems mod, NPC factions will be admin-controlled

Even though the Modular Encounter Systems mod is a nice mod for PvE, it didn’t have its intented purpose on our server. It more often than not discouraged people to do more roleplay because people were busy with protecting their own grids. Next to that you can’t really communicate with those factions, and you can’t influence their actions in a meaningful way. Therefore, we’re going to stop with the Modular Encounter Systems mod. However, we will add NPC factions that are admin-controlled. These factions can either be friendly, neutral, or hostile and they will have a presence in Discord as well. Hostile factions can also fight you if the storyline gives them a good reason to do that.

We will add Admin Trade Stations

Economy Trade Stations are often a gamble regarding how much you can make, you can travel large distances to these Trade Stations without having any idea whether or not it’s worth the hassle. This high effort for mixed results could lead to people not wanting to travel to Trade Stations extensively, which leads to less money in the economy (which could discourage people to trade). Therefore, we will also add Admin Trade Stations. Economy Trade Stations will still be available, and they will be financially more beneficial per kg/unit, but the Admin Trade Stations give you the opportunity to buy and sell in larger quantities. This gives you the possibility to earn money in an easier way, which could be used to buy goods and services from other players.

We will stop with the scripter role

The scripter role hasn’t been used extensively, but it was always an option. However, we will stop with the scripter role entirely. Scripts can have quite some impact on server performance, next to that, the new (free) blocks from the Automatons DLC will give you practically the same possibilities. For additional functions such as production we’ve added Quality of Life mods that will do the same (but are more server-friendly). If you want to add a script for additional functionality anyways, you can ask the admins for review.


These mods will be removed in the new season:

  • Modular Encounter Systems (of course including ORKS and IMBER)
  • Hubblegum

These mods will be added in the new season:

  • Sequence Nebula – Skybox
  • AI Enabled
  • Crew Enabled

*These mods are still going to be tested for server performance, if a mod doesn’t behave well, we won’t include it on the server.

**Additional mods could be added later on.

The mods below were already enabled in season 1 and will stay active in the new season:

  • Nanobot Build and Repair
  • BuildInfo
  • HUD Compass
  • Block Restrictions
  • Rotate skybox with the Sun
  • Production Quota